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says in defense of Donald Trump:
"I'm going to focus on the areas of agreement"
"It's a choice between someone I disagree with on a lot of things or someone I disagree with on everything"
"I'm gonna be voting for our nominee"
"I don’t focus on the presidential, because this is a Senate race"
"He got more votes than anybody else"
"If he gets elected, as I hope he does, he's going to need partners"
"I’ll work with him to achieve those goals"
"He is learning and growing"
"I'm supportive of his presidency"
"He’s saying he wants to unite the Republican party and work with us, that’s a good sign"
"What's resonating about Donald Trump…is some of the things that's appealing about my candidacy in Wisconsin"
"I will not critique everything Trump or Pence or…anybody else does…that's not what my job is"
"I've actually said that I'm going to be voting for him"
"There is an energy, an excitement…that would bode well for us moving into November"
"He has the potential of being very helpful"
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